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Combined we have over 30 years of agriculture experience, specializing in the beef industry. From marketing and bookkeeping to feeding and managing a feedlot, we have been involved in everything it takes to run a commercial herd of cows and yearlings. We have been through market fluctuations, droughts, and a pandemic. And we have seen firsthand how programs and grants can change the outcome of a fiscal year and provide flexibility to make changes.

As many of you already know, there are always programs and grants. However, the problem is you have to spend time trying to find them in addition to your daily operations, whether you’re a large or small farmThis is where AG Funding Assistance comes in. Our team puts it all into one place for you. When you’re in the middle of calving season, the last thing you’re thinking of is a paperwork deadline. We step in and remind you via a short text that a deadline is approaching, providing you enough time to finish the paperwork if you haven’t already.

We also understand how hard it is to navigate what paperwork is actually needed as well as the websites you need to visit to find it. Once you are a member of AG Funding Assistance, the forms you need will be right there in a downloadable PDF. All you need to do is complete the form and send it in. Because our team understands the agriculture industry it is very important that what we offer is of value and an affordable tool for you.

Our desire is to help as many people as possible, which is why we started with programs that helped us on a personal level. But our long-term goal is to provide program, grant and funding options for all types of agriculture.

All assistance info organized in one convenient place.

We understand what it is like to miss a deadline because of everything from calving season to harvesting. Paperwork deadlines are often the last thing on your mind for a reason. 

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